because it is small, agile and folding

You can ride it twice or 3 times faster than walking

Small dimensions allow to take it with you to the shop, bus, train, cinema or barber

After folding You can put it into any car trunk

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because it is comfortable due to low weight and big air wheels

Made in 90% from aluminum weights ca 10 lbs. only

Equipped with big 12 inch air wheels, perfectly absorbs the shocks from the surface and provides smooth and comfortable ride

Has the steering bar with an adjustable height

Thick foam handle grips absorb perfectly small shocks

Almost 8 inch wide board, made from wooden ply, provides stable ride and allows a very safety feet change.

Mudguards efficiently protect against pavement puddles

because it is healthy

Provides daily portion of physical activity, that you need to keep your condition

Irreplaceable for people with spine problems ( you ride it in upright, standing position)

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