• Why small inflatable wheels 8 "(200mm) are not applied?

First, the small wheels have much greater rolling resistance, than the wheels 12 "(300mm). Second, to maintain the proper air pressure in a small wheel is virtually impossible. Even slight subtraction the air causes a significant pressure drop due to the small volume of the tire. And pumping air "in reserve" to higher pressure can easily end up tearing the tire. As a result, we usually go with low pressure, which, although perfectly dampens vibrations and bumps, but it requires a lot of strength in kicking and scooter quickly loses its speed.


  • The leg standing on the board gets tired very quickly, how in this situation, I can ride the whole mile ?

It is true that leg , on which we stand, and not the one we kick, gets tired more quickly. It is because while bouncing it works in a slightly bent position . The first advice is to give it a break. After some kicks do stand for a while with both feet on the board in an upright position and so drive a few meters, then again, kick a few times and ride again sometime. By the way it is recommended to change kicking leg from time to time and here the wide board of hulam is very useful. Once bounce left and once right leg . SEE MOVIE. This technique should be learned from the first scooter ride. By the way, kicking leg should be put on the board right after the last kick. This position makes it easier to catch the perfect driving balance, gives a break to both legs and allows you to enjoy the sights around you. If in the end, fatigue prevails, you can simply trolley the scooter, previously hunging on the handles heavy packages or set it on the board.


  • How to leave the scooter, when there is nothing around, that you can use to lean scooter against ?

It's easy, just fold it, but not quite. SEE PHOTO. It is so stable, that it will stand alone, ready for immediate use. You can put on the board your bag of groceries.

  • How fast can you go on hulam?

Speed ​​of 8 km / h is within reach of every user. And notice, that this is almost two times faster, than walking on foot. Speed ​​of 15 km / h requires some effort and practice. But do not be afraid of fatigue , it finally comes to us only on your health .

  • Do you need to go to Tykocin to have a test drive or I can try it in Warsaw?

It is worth seeing Tykocin, but you can also have a ride in Warsaw.

  • Is the platform is not too high ? 9 cm is rather high.  

   It is true, that is quite a lot , but our streets are very requiring. Two years of my riding around Warsaw have shown, that further reduction of the board clearance will result in a strong hitting the chassis with the pavement , practically making smooth ride impossible. I lowered slightly the back of the board only, which allows any slipping, sometimes with a slight grind at higher obstacles . This is the best combination of good handling characteristics with the convenience of kicking .