It began with nightmarish returns home from work. They have become a constant struggle for life (our driving culture improves. Yet still there is something missing in it ) or a pointless and costly waste of time in traffic jams. I bought a scooter and a monthly ticket for city transportation. Scooter, as they say, on big wheels. They were cast 200 mm wheels. After a week of use, I discovered how much freedom gives you this way of travelling. I visited the old shops, where there is nowhere to left the car or sometimes for a change I came home by different route. I retrieved my health. The only problem was riding on a scooter itself. These “big” 200 mm solid wheels fit only for driving on perfectly smooth surfaces, such as granite platforms on the railway station or rare in Warsaw granite sidewalks in front of modern office buildings. Wheels sank in the hot asphalt and on the popular cement cobblestones terrible vibration resembled a ride on iron wheels on the paving. Hovering on the underlying match resulted in an incredible shock. I liked the philosophy of scootering, I did not want to give it up, so I started looking for better hardware and it turned out that they do not exist. Then I decided to build myself a scooter, which would fulfill my expectations. That would be bigger and pneumatic wheels and would be lightweight and foldable for convenience.

In this way hulam w tekcie copy was born.

It is small, light, easily moves on all modern surfaces - from grass, the dirt road, pavement, paving stones, asphalt, after changing tires to the " winter protector" perfectly makes it through the snow (of course the residual on snowy sidewalks only). I get it on the bus, tram or train. After folding it is easily located in an average car trunk. I go with it to the store. to the cinema, to the office, bar barber, office and home of course. I use it to year-round daily communication between home, tram and metro stops and the railway station, and the workplace. Overcome distances are no longer than 2 km - too long to go on foot, and too short to drive a car. The use of the bicycle falls due to its size and weight, and charges for carriage of certain means of communication. I drive it also to get my daily portion of outdoor activity. It works great. Lightweight aluminum frame in 90 % means that weighs only ca 13 lbs. (high relief when climbing stairs). Large, 12-inch pneumatic wheels ensure a high comfort. Wide platform allows you to set on the foot comfortably and provides a stable ride. The folding mechanism allows you to put the scooter stable by itself without any side support or you can fold it to carry or pull behind with one hand on the front wheel . Time folding and unfolding is only 2-3 seconds. And one more thing : the construction of the scooter is ridiculously simple. There's very little in it to spoil. Aluminum does not rust. Perfectly simple design well proven in urban conditions.

  The scooter has become for me a philosophy and way of life. I take it with me everywhere. If have to use the car (sometimes it is unfortunately necessary), I throw hulam in the trunk and I do not longer look for hours for free parking places. I leave the car anywhere and remaining distance I ride with the scooter quickly . To explore foreign cities - perfect. Hulam allows for closer contact with the natives than the bike, as " instant getting off " is included in its idea and is far simpler than the operation of stopping the bike and dismounting from it. But to be clear : SCOOTER DOES NOT EXCLUDE A BIKE . It is simply an alternative to a peaceful riding short distances . ( Every time, when I picked up the bike I'm surprised, that it can be so heavy . Well, but in the end it is the bike ) .

Urban jungle with streets full of traffic jams and permanent lack of parking spaces looks from the perspective of the scooter much, much friendlier. Believe me. I would recommend, try this lifestyle. T.

Tips, how do I use my hulam or how to live with it  

First of all - do not consider the scooter as a replacement for the bike and absolutely do not give up the bike. The scooter is just another idea. Other situations, other distances, generally other purpose. Just like in the kitchen, we do not cook two eggs soft in a large pot, but use small saucepan. Big pots are handy for a large family dinner. Similarly here, You won’t take the bike to the nearest newspaper kiosk, but scooter , hmm.., you can try it. Summarizing, You can and You should have both, bike and scooter. Same as You have small TV in the kitchen, and large one in the living room. 

Secondly - you should get and appreciate the sense of freedom offered by the scooter. I feel it every time, I ride. If time is short, I ride faster and do not look around, but telling the truth I really love slow wandering, entering shops, riding through the gates and visiting courtyards , with frequent stops and u-turns to look at something more closely. Scooters are just created for such use. Here are a few examples of how you can use the full capabilities of folding, lightweight and small scooter, of our hulam:

If you drive to work every day, diverse your journey choosing alternative routes, new and different than usual. Or drop into places not visited for a long time, because of passing next to them by car stuck in traffic or the places are far from bus or tram stops.

Visit places where you've always wanted to hit, but had "not enough time".

Or get off the tram two stops earlier and ride them by scooter, just like that, for health.

hen finally you have to drive a car, be sure to take hulam into the trunk and then do not search parking space, just stand anywhere, and the rest of the distance ride by the scooter.

Be sure to take your hulam on trips and excursions to new places. Ease of stopping makes you see everything you really wanted to see, without leaving anything for later, "as we came back."

Buy a ticket public transport and give up the car in favor of scooters, whenever possible.

Or finally chase your dog properly. They'll be grateful (both dog and hulam). Do this systematically. Enter your hulam into shops, bars, cinemas and so on. Do not leave it alone on the street. People have mostly very positive attitude for scooters and do not protest, so you can have hulam on the eye.

These are just some suggestions on how you can live with the scooter. Here comes a simple conclusion, that the scooter should be worn as an umbrella. Have it with you always, even in wet weather.