I am fully satisfied ! I am meeing only a positive reception. I Hulam is practical and easy to fold. Great idea for improving the condition and great fun! You can ride the polish sidewalks, which are not always flat enough. Thank you for such a great product!

Katarzyna z Warszawy 04 08 2015 r.

I bought Hulam with closed eyes. But after a few months I must admit that it was a very good decision. Well suited for longer and shorter trips. When folded you can use crowded public transport. Thanks to the large inflatable wheels, overcoming routes in the open terrain does not any problem for Hulam.. Surely it is not just only urban scooter, but in the citi it performs superbly. Widerboard and adjustable steering  allow you to take a very comfortable position, and this is very important for longer trips (for short also come handy :)). Hulam a sensational scooter - highly recommended!

Karol z Warszawy 24 07 2015 r.

After the first tests, I am very happy. I drove regularly in the last week 15 km a day, the asphalt road on Saturday once 82 km, Sunday, about 25 km . The construction seems to be exceptionally robust, checked the equipment is also on the road (about 5km) paved, but not asphalt (geogrid) and it was sensational - comfort almost like on tourist bicycle . Definitely suited to Africa or Asia. Stability and comfort much higher than on a scooter with PV wheels.

Dominik from Drezdenko on 7 July 2015.

 I am sincerely delighted. I do not regret any dollar you spend and I feel great seeing the reactions and jealousy of  passers-by :D I think you should add to Hulam several  business cards to hand them out the among iinterested people;)

Paulina from Krakow on 15 July 2015.

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